Saturday, August 30, 2008

Imagination at Work

My 'real life friend' and fellow blogger introduced me to one of his unique online finds.
At first I just thought, another thing to worry and obsess about and didn't give it too much thought.
I then watched him create and create and said ok now I have to give it a try.... after all, it doesn't seem too much different than scrapbooking - just have to use your imagination.
The end results are quite a few unique to me, "Sets" or you can even call them layouts, why not?
Here are the few I have done.... hope you like them!

These are the things I love....

This is my weight loss journey...

This is everything my son loves...

This is my scrapbook bulletin board!


Anonymous said...

wow! you are soo amazing at this!!! I wish i was as good! keep up the good work you are very special!!