Friday, October 10, 2008

Ed Hardy Boy

My husband is a designer snob. And the newest designer in his wardrobe is Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier. All of the Ed Hardy line is inspired by tattoo's and is is commonly called "Tattoo Wear".

There are a few t-shirts in my husbands closet but the most recent t-shirt made it home and in the wash and dryer. As soon as I took it out of the dryer my son wanted to wear it. It fit him huge but it made him laugh and happy and kept on showing my husband that he was wearing his shirt.

And of course, if you know me, any moment is a camera moment, so this made for a few good pictures.

And of course, a few good pictures means a good scrapbook layout!

I have been in the green kick lately with my layouts, if you haven't noticed and this layout would be perfect with green since the t-shirt was in the green family.

For the 12x12 background I used this funky paper by CherryArte and I never thought I would get to use it because of the color scheme but amazingly it was PERFECT for this layout. I took a green sheet of paper that has faint little dots in it and cut it down to the right size and set it down with my very favorite 3D-dots. I added green corner stickers to the one side of the layout just to give it symmetry.

I matted my 2 pictures in a funky black and white glittered card stock. This time around I kept my corners sharp, I didn't round them like I normally like to. I placed them on the green paper which would be my common area.

Another item in my stash that I thought I would never use is the black glittered skull. And again it goes just perfectly with this theme. The black arrow was in the same set as the skull.

My favorite addition to this layout is the Ed Hardy hang tag that came off the t-shirt. It was made so well with heavy card stock and material that was stitched onto the card, it would have been a shame to toss it. I also kept the thread along with the medallion on it for that extra jazz. My husband must have tossed the others from his other shirts because they are no where to be found and I only I would appreciate such a thing!

The title "Like father like son" is a Bohemia rub-on and I used some green scrap, rubbed it on there and put it down with 3D-dots.

I also used green scrap as the background of my journal square and I antiqued the edges with green ink. And not to throw anything off, I put that down with 3D-dots as well!

Overall, I am pretty happy the way this came out. It is simple, not too much going on, but something like this doesn't need all that commotion!

I hope you like it.


craftymug said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting and the nice comment. No, I just use the dollar tree glue mostly. It depends what I'm using it on, I will have to try your kind sometime. You have some great scrap pages!

craftymug said...

Hi, me again. I've added you to my list to receive a copy of an award that I just received. Please come by my blog and grab a copy of the award waiting for you!