Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have mentioned before that I am in quite a few Myspace scrapbooking groups and I have made many good friends (my husband calls them my imaginery friends because I have never met them). Some of these friends are kinder and more generous than a long time friend. I am hoping that one day we can all meet.... we are all far from each other... but you never know :)

From time to time we talk about things we like and want. We even have a "Your Wish is my Command" thread going. You list 3 wishes/wants and someone can grant it for you and they post their wish, so on and so fourth. Well I have had quite a few wishes granted and I have granted just as many.

I kept on posting that I want a Fiskar Cirle Border Punch but eventually stopped wishing for it because I hadn't realized the cost of it, it was a bit too pricey for me to expect someone to just buy. I also posted that I really wanted the new GREEN STACK by DCWV, someone granted my wish and said they would find it for me since it was just released.

Well to show how generous and thoughtful my scrapbooking friends are:

I received from Keisha, a few pieces of The Green Stack collection! WOW!!!! She sent me the 12x12 paper stack, the 6.5x4.5 paper stack as well as a box of chipboard embellishments. I couldn't get over how generous she was! I told her she was crazy but boy was I so happy!

I received from Diane, a Fiskars Circle Border Punch! As well as other goodies. I was in shock! And she sent me all of this stuff "just because"!!!

I just can't wait to use all of these goodies!