Saturday, February 21, 2009

Awesome Ebay Sale

An Ebay Store that I have frequently visited and placed a few purchses from is having a huge huge sale! Because Daisy D's is going out of business, this store has all item from 60%-70% off!


Scrapbooking for Less
Easy Fun Kits and Pages

I went a little crazy last night and scooped up a bunch of cool items, mostly Daisy D for $1 each! Some items I even ordered two of, not sure why, but hey it was only $1!

This is what I ordered (can't wait for them to arrive!):

I already have a few other designs of these rub-on tapes. I love them. They are so easy to use and add such a nice touch.

I absolutely fell in love with the colors in these die-cuts from Daisy D's Girlfriend line. They are so bright and pretty!

Not bad of a deal, right?!

I hope you can find something there you can use!

Happy Shopping!


Esmommy said...

OMG....I shouldn't have looked at this.. They have a tons of great things.. WOW I just spent a lot LOL!!!