Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sketch Challenge: 1 Picture

My myspace friend Liz, hosted a 1 picture sketch challenge. She choose a layout sketch created by Deanne Burton. Deanne has such great sketches, I have been eyeing a lot of them and hope to get to them soon. You can visit Deanne's blog here A-Scrapaddict and she is also on my blog role of blogs I visit frequently.

This is the sketch:

And this is my version of it:

I was trying to go for the colors in the crayon box theme but I am not sure if I accomplished that. I wanted a bright yellow background but this was the best I could do. How do I not have plain yellow 12x12 paper? **note: add to shopping list**

There really isn't too much to say about this layout as it is quite simple.

I finally found a use for the Queen & Co. felt adhesive star ribbon! I bought a bunch of them and hadn't found the opportunity to use one until now. For the title "Coloring", I used red chipboard letters that have little white stars on them and of course I used 3d dots on them - what is a layout without a little 3d? :) I had gotten this set in red and blue when Rag Shop was going out of business over a year ago and I got a bunch of packages. This was the first time I got to use the red ones. I find it very easy to forget all the supplies I have. I have so much and I try and try to organize but never go back to the old stuff. I guess I have to re-think my organization.

And my favorite item on this layout is the Jolee's by You, crayons,and drawing. So cute! I had bought a whole bunch of them and I finally got to use it!

I hope you like it!


MyGuy Friday said...

i like the coices of colors, very diffrent for u nice touch -;)