Friday, November 14, 2008

Might be Impossible

My goal for this year was to create 75 layouts. At the time I thought 75 was not a big deal, but now I am sitting here realizing it took me 10.5 months to create 31 layouts and about a month and half left to create another 44.

Impossible? No. But that means I can't do anything else but scrap and that is impossible considering I am out of my house 14 hours a day during the week.

I have seen others with goals in the 100s and have gotten them done - good for them. I wish I could be that accomplished. I think I got wrapped up in other projects in my myspace groups and that is why I didn't do as many layouts as I planned. I do however have tons of pictures printed and have ideas, I just need to find the quiet time to sit and put them together.

So I will try my best to get as many done as I can but I don't want to rush for the sake of meeting my goal.

I will try better for next years goal.

Wish me luck!