Friday, September 5, 2008

Why I Scrapbook...

Why I scrapbook? That can be a loaded question.

The thought of scrapbooking emerged while I was pregnant a few years back, sitting home watching home shopping network and if you know me I am an impulse shopper. I ordered a bunch of stuff and no clue what to do with it. Eventually it all ended up under my bed because I had a baby to take care of.

Fast forward almost 2 years and I made a new friend who likes scrapbooking. Also, my local Rag Shop was going out of business and again being an impulse shopper bought out almost all of their scrapbooking supplies.

I finally started and now I am totally addicted.

Scrapbooking keeps my mind occupied and keeps my juices flowing. I never thought I had a creative bone in my body until now. It's funny how things change... I couldn't draw a straight line before and now look what I can do.

My husband is in the restaurant business and comes home late at night and works weekends so once the baby goes to bed I am all alone. Instead of dwelling on being lonely I sit at my dinning room table and scrapbook. It makes me happy. The feeling of accomplishment once a layout is done is such a great feeling. And knowing that the current layout is better than the previous is a feeling of success and that is why I want to share my work with others.

Don't get me wrong, I am not the best, far from it, but I think I am pretty good considering.
I have yet to show you all of my layouts, there are plenty, hopefully in time I will be able to share them all.

So this passion has made me a shopaholic for scrapping supplies. You name it, I most likely have it. And I am the type of person, who when I find a bargain or a great new item, I buy more than one so I can share with fellow scrappers.

I am still battling the organization of all my supplies. I have space issues so it is a never ending battle. I hope to one day have my own room dedicated to scrapbooking.

Happy scrapping!


MyGuyFriday said...

CONGRATS!!!! You earned it!!

Morgan said...


I simply adore your blog...congratulations on your recent win! I dabble in scrapbooking and really enjoy the process of releasing the creativity and also producing something that documents events in a fabulous presentation.

I loved how you explained why you scrapbook! With your husband working late, I think it's great that you use your time to be creative and productive rather than be alone...and look at the beautiful work you do during this time!

Congrats again and keep on scrappin'!