Thursday, June 17, 2010


I joined Etsy earlier this year... I still don't have many items listed. It is strange... if you ask me to come up with something for you, I can do it. But to sit there and come up with a new design, I draw a blank and this is why I haven't posted any new listings!

I have been having fun with Alchemy (special requests). I actually got a huge order that way. I am doing a wedding! Me, little ole me!! I have to make up the table Menu's, favor tags and cupcake picks all in a Hot Pink and Navy Blue Lego Theme. I have to say they items are coming out good but have to make so many.

As I am working on this Etsy order, I am also working on my son's 5th Birthday party (just finished making the invites and boy oh boy, I think they came out super cute! - I hope to post pictures of them soon!), and I still putting in bids on Alchemy.

Wish me luck and I will show you some finished products soon.


mine, by magpie said...

holy cow! i never even thought to go into alchemy- what a great idea! i have to go see your shop- are you still going strong??