Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

It is that time of year again when I go and make promises or set goals for myself that I never seem to keep. So what will make this year any different?

Here I am and it's been months since I have even touched this blog. Where does the time go and why don't I ever have time for anything anymore?

Speaking of no time, I haven't scrapped and it kills me. I want to, I have pictures set aside and tons of ideas but just no time. And putting aside the time, I don't want to always dedicate my dinning room table to it because I have a hard time cleaning up. I just always say "well I am going to do it again tomorrow, why clean up" and then months later the mess is still there.

These past few months I made a bunch of Christmas ribbon tags (unfortunately I didn't take pictures of them) to sell at craft fairs and a local holiday shop. They were really cute... embellished circles with a punch of curled ribbon on top. A nice touch to a gift bag or wrapped gift but.... they didn't sell. I guess they weren't as cute as everyone told me they were :(

While I was making these tags, I thought I should get myself on Etsy. A part of me wants to because I like to create but then the other part of me doesn't because I don't think I am all that good. Yes Negative Nelly is in the room!

Putting all of this aside, I have to sit and make my goal list for this year. Goals for scrapping, organizing and the rest of my hectic life!

I will be back sooner than later and get everything in order!

Until then.... Happy Scrapping!